Pomeroy Mason Bridge – Pomeroy, Ohio

Pomeroy, Ohio

Ohio Department of Transportation

2002 – 2008



C.J. Mahan Construction Company was the managing partner of this joint venture contract with National Engineering and Contracting for the construction of a new cable-stayed bridge with a 675′ main span crossing the Ohio River at Pomeroy, Ohio. The project features delta-shaped main towers founded on massive foundations consisting of 5,400 cubic yards of thermally-controlled concrete and an 18,000-square-foot retaining wall with heights up to 35′. The largest continuous concrete placement was 1,100 cubic yards.

In connection with this project, C.J. Mahan was the winner of the 2011 ASBI Bridge Award of Excellence, and achieved a 2003 World Record Osterberg Cell Load Test of 18,400 tons.